Prenatal & Postnatal Care

Resolve psychological issues,  learn to relax and trust, prepare.
Preparation is a vital part of your and your baby’s wellbeing in pregnancy and during birth, be it natural or C-section.
Let me empower you and build a foundation that is loving, supportive and fulfilling.

I am an experienced  psychologist & psychotherapist (individual or couple sessions),

pregnancy yoga instructor and birth facilitator (Birth Into Being). In my efforts to provide a holistic model of psychological care, I tend to both the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy for the woman and her family.

My clients include:

Couples wanting to conceive consciously
Pregnant moms or dads who want to get emotional support before or/and after childbirth
Individuals who want to release or clear their past stress or (birth) trauma
Parents who are wanting to heal their past and parent from a place of mindfulness
Birth professionals who want to overcome their own trauma and  improve the quality of their life and work through effective communication and awareness
Individuals who want to manifest their dreams, reduce fear-based emotional and behavioral patterns and
(re)awaken the dormant parts of their being: passion for life, love, creativity, fulfillment, tranquility & joy!

What is yours?

To work with me send an email to
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