birth into being workshops

The Birth Into Being method Q&A:

Birth psychology experts noticed that difficulties in conception, pregnancy or during delivery are often a direct result of unresolved psychological issues.  Through the clearing of emotional triggers and thanks to the empowerment offered in Birth Into Being workshops, women can benefit from the opportunity to have a successful, natural birth.

Birth Into Being is a safe, gentle and quick method for breaking through our own barriers and limitations and reaching our higher potential.

The Birth Into Being message and tools of limbic imprint recoding we will use in the workshop are meant to:

  • Empower you to explore, release and re-code the basic settings and experiences of our own birth and early formative period.
  • Clear emotions or psychological trauma, breaking the cycle of your own imprint.
  • Create new reference points for yourself and build a foundation that is loving and supportive so you too can enjoy a fulfilling life.
  • Make a conscious impact on your unborn or young child which will affect their perceptions, behavior patterns and adult life.

The benefits reach much further than birthing, Birth Into Being workshops affect one’s entire life. This is why the workshops offer a perfect opportunity for any expecting (changes) individuals.  I genuinely believe that it is never too late to create the life, the world, or changes you want.

It is with a great love that I offer this experience to you, your partner or/and friends and I am available to hold workshops in Vienna and work with you online or personally. Contact me @ / +43 6607 628 550 (Austria) / +48 79 35 22 111 (Poland).

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