Trauma therapy

What is trauma?
Our psychological scars can result from sudden and very intense threats or during periods of continuous anxiety and worry. The following are examples of possible traumatic events: illness, medical intervention or hospitalization in the childhood, loss of home, emotional and/or physical neglect or abuse, being witness to disturbing events, exposure prenatal or birth traumatic stress, loss of siblings or carers.

What are the symptoms?
When such events are accompanied by feelings of helplessness and defenselessness or even fear for our own lives than we often maintain fear-based emotional and behavioral patterns for the rest of our lives. Traumatic events leave a negative imprint in our nervous system, are responsible for flashbacks, anxiety, irritability, disappointment, sadness, anger, denial and/or multiple psychosomatic reactions.

What is trauma therapy?
Trauma therapy aims to provide relief from the suffering the traumatic experiences have caused. Its
 objective is to stabilize you, enable you to experience what it really feels like to be safe, supported, and aware, create new reference points in our nervous system so you can build a sense of self that is free of the pain of the past experiences and ready to embrace the present and the future.

Can I heal?
No matter what caused your traumatic bodily, emotional or psychological responses, you can re-write your story and resume the life you want for yourself. Trauma should be treated, it can be healed.

How to start?
Schedule your session to start your healing process as soon as possible.

Thank you for your trust.  I am truly grateful for the work with so many beautiful beings who are ready to re-write their life stories.